Product Index



AC Capacitors


Aerial Bunch Cable up to 11 kV

After Coolers

Air Cooler

Air Swept Mills

Air Velocity Kit

Akvalo Electric Contact Gauges

Alloy Steels

Ambient Air Quality Monitors

Analog Timer

Angular Mill Heads

APFC Control Panels

Atmospheric Corrosivity Monitor (ACM)

Automatic Torque & Leak Testing Machine

Automation Instruments

Automation Products

Axial Flow Fans


Ball Transfer Units


Bevel Gear Boxes

Bevel Planetary Gear Boxes


Bottle Leak Testing Machine

Brackets & Guides

Breaker Control Switches

Burst Tester

By-Pass Rotameter


Cable Clamps

Cable Markers

Cable Ties & Accessories

Cable Trays

Cables & Wires

Cables c-iii & 32

Cables Ties – Releasable & Reusable

Cam Operated Rotary Switches

Capacitance Type Level Transmitters

Capacitors c-i & 19

Carry Case Coal Gas Analyzers

Carry Case Emission Analyzers

Cartonator Pockets

Cartridge/Bag Filter

Centrifugal Blowers

Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic Seal Face

Chain Conveyors

Changeover Switches


Chemical Earthing Compound

Chemical Earthing Products


Circuit Identifiers

Circular Threaded Coupling Connectors

Clamp Meters

Clamps for Photo Cells

CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher

Coiled & Disc Springs

Cold Work Tool Steels

Combustion Efficiency Monitors

Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC)

Conductivity Level Switches

Conical Strainers, Fabricated

Connectors 3 & 31

Continuity Testers

Control Cables c-iii & 48

Control Panel for Engine Driven Pumps

Control Panels

Conveyors & Components

CooL Arm Manipulator

Copper & Aluminium Bare Wire and Strip

Cross Flow Cooling Towers

Custom Build Gear Boxes 9 & 11

Customized Gears

Cycloidal Gear Boxes

Cylindrical PFC Capacitors


DC & EC Fans

DC/AC Inverter

DC/DC Convertors

Deep Throat Brinell Hardness Testing Machine with Fixed Table, Model WOM

Dehumidifier Air Dryer Honeycomb Wheel

Diamond Cut Knurled Control Knobs with Collar or Flange

Die Steels

Differential Input Process Indicator

Digital Counters

Digital Ground Tester

Digital Indicators

Digital Panel Meters

Digital PID Controllers

Digital Preset Timer

Digital Pressure Gauge 17 & 21

Digital Pressure Switches

Digital Readout System

Digital Temperature Controllers

Digital Transmitters & Fire Detectors

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

Din Rails

Distribution Transformer

Drive Solutions


Duct Inspection Robots

Dust Monitor

Dynamic Balancing Machine


Earth Resistivity Tester 38 & 43

EHV Cables

Elastofoam L/P Foaming Machine

Electrical Actuator COM Series for Combustion Application

Electromagnetic Flow Meters 17, 21 & 52

Electromechanical Limit Switches

Electronic Connectors

Electronic Overload Relays (EOLR)

Electronic Timers

Elevator Sensors

EMP Connectors


End Cross Fin Tubes

Energy Meters


External Rotor Motors


Facility Ties

Fast Acting Thyristor Switched Automatic Harmonic Filter Panel

Fiberglass Lighting Poles

Finned Tubes

Fire Survival/Resistant Cables

Flame Proof Switches

Flameproof/Weatherproof Control Panels

Flat Cables, 3-Core

Flat Ribbon Cable Clamps

Flex Clamps

FlexiLogics FL003 Eco Series PLC

FLIR CM275 IGM Clamp Meter with Data logging

Flow Meters

Flow Switches 12 & 17

Food Repening Analysers

Foot Switches

Forging Components

Forward & Backward Curved Blower Fans

FRP Gratings

FRP Position Switches


Gas Detection Instruments

Gas Filled Power Capacitors

Gas Insulated Metal Clad Switchgear Panel SF6, SIG12/36

Gas/Heavy Oil Burners

Gas/Light Oil Burners

GDW: Dual Wall Tubing

Gear Assemblies

Gear Boxes

Gear Drives

Gear Tooth Speed & Direction Sensor

Geared Motors 9 & 27

Gears, Complete Range

Gears, Gear Components and Assemblies

General Purpose Limit Switches

Glass Tube/Acrylic Rotameters

GPS Master-Slave Clocks

Ground Resistance Testers


Hair Pin Heat Exchanger

Hand Gloves (Industrial)

Heat Exchangers & Condensers

Heat Exchangers

Heat Shrinkable Tubes

Heavy Duty Foot Switch

Heavy Duty Limit Switches

Heavy Duty Switch Disconnector with HOD (in Open Execution)

Helical Gear Boxes

Helical Gearboxes, ROBUS Series

Helical-Bevel Geared Motor for LT Drive

HEMP Telephone Line Filter

High Density Screw Coupling

High Fines Recovery Dual Sand Washers

High Precision Case Hardened and Profile Ground Gears

High pressure Transducers

High Speed Dispersers

Hollow Shaft Helical Gear Boxes

Hook-up Wires

Hot Extractive Cems Analysers

Hot Work Tool Steels

Hour Meter

House Wires

House Wiring Cables

HRC Fuse Fittings

HT & LT Cables

HV Cables

Hydraulic Machine Vice

Hydraulic Press, 4-Column Type

Hydraulic Variable Rake Angle Shears

Hypoid Gear Boxes


Impact Sockets

Impex Mill

Industrial Burners

Industrial Control Panel

Industrial Dual Block Burners

Industrial Hand Gloves

Industrial Network Solutions for Smart Factories

Inline Duct Fans

Instrumentation and Control Cables

Instrumentation Cables


Isolation Transformers


Keyboard Switches

K-Rated Transformer


Ladder Type Cable Tray (LTCT)

LAN Cables

LED Lighting & Signaling Solutions

LED Maintained EXIT Lights

LED Module Pilot Lights

Limit Switches c-ii, c-iv & 35

Liquid Column Manometers

Liquid Level Controller

Liquid Level Indicators

Liquid Level Switches (Float Operated)

Liquid Level Transmitter

Load Cells

Load Cells Indicators

Long Pipe Line Heating Cables

Loom Switches

Low Backlash / Servo Planetary Gear Boxes

LT Panel

LV Cables


M I Thermocouples

Magnetic Reed Sensors

Marine & Offshore Cables

Marking Plates and Carrier Strip Marking

Measuring Instruments

Medium Wave Quartz Infrared Heater

Mega Ohm Meters

Met Arc Brand Welding Transformers

Metal Tube Rotameter with Transmitter / Flow Indicator Totalizer

Metric Connectors

MG Connectors

MI Power Cables

Micro Control Switches

Micro Switches 15 & 35

Microprocessor Based Engineering   Unit Model EU-08 RTP

Microprocessor PH Meter

MIG/MAG (CO2) Welding Unit

Mini Limit Switches

Miniature Compression and Tension Load Cell

Miniature Micro Switches

Miniature Switches

Minncare Mini Dry Fog Nozzle

Modular Dry Type Power Capacitors

Modular Supports

Moisture Meters

Motion Controllers

Motor Controllers

Motor Rotation & 3-Phase Testers

Motor Run Capacitors

Motor Soft Start/Reverse, 3-Phase

Moulded Cable Assemblies

Moulded Plugs

MS Connectors

Multi Core Flexible Wires

Multi Core Industrial Cables

Multi Crowned Gear Couplings

Multi Range Timers

Multi Step Program Switches

Multichannel Gas Detection Systems


Multisensor Measurement System


Non-Contact Voltage Detector


Oil Cooled Transformers

Oil Cooler

Oil Filled Power Capacitors

Oil Tight Limit Switches

Oil/Gas/Dual Fuel Burners

Online Gas Analyzers

On-Line Vibration Monitoring Systems

Oval Grip Markers

Over Band Magnetic Separator (Permanent)

Oxygen Analyzers


Panel Accessories

Panel Mounted Push Button Switches

Panel PC

Paperless Recorder

PCB Supports

Pedal Force Meter

Phase Cap Capacitors

Phase Failure Relay

PID Controllers

PID Temperature Controller

Pilot Lamp Holders

Pipe Rolling Machine

Planetary Gear Boxes

Planetary Gear Heads

Plastic Mould Steels

PLC and Scada Based Industrial Automation

Plug in Relays

PLUSCON FIELD: Sensor/Actuator Cable Connectors

Polder Pump set

Polyolefin Sleeves

Portable Belt Conveyors

Portable Stack Gas Analyzers

Power Analyzers

Power Cables

Power Capacitors

Power Control Cables

Power Factor Controller

Precision Gear Solutions

Precision Limit Switches

Precision Oil-Tight Limit Switches

Precision Switches

Pressure / Reaction Vessels

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Switch Mechanical Model PSM-520

Pressure Switches

Pressure Transmitters

Process Control Instrumentation & Sensors

Process Control Products

Process Instruments

Programmable Dispensing & Filling Pump

Programmable Logic Controllers

Proximity Control Unit

Push Button Switches 15 & 35

PVC Cable Binding Straps

PVC Insulated Industrial Wires & Cables

PVC Sleeves, PVC Heat Shrink Sleeves



Railway Switch

Reaction Vessels


Relay Sockets

Removable Tube Bundle

Robot Guided Vision Automation Systems

Robot Simulation and Offline Programming

Robotic Diesel Tank Welding

Rogowski Coil

Round Shell Connectors

Round Wires & Flat Wires, Special   Electrode Wires & Rods

Rubber Cables

Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Seals


Safety Helmet with Torch

Safety Switches

Saline Mixing Vessel

Screw Clamp/Feed Through Terminals

Sealing Solutions for the Chemical Process Industrial

Sectional Dock Doors

Self-Extinguishable Fibre Glass Sleeving

Semiconductor Fuse-Links with Bolted Connections 23

Sensors 15 & 23

Servo Hypoid Spur Gear Boxes

Servo Motors

Servo Systems

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Short Wave Infrared Heater

Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Silicon Rubber Products

Silicon Sleeves

Silicone Heating Pad

Single & Double Inlet Centrifugal Blowers

Single Core/Multi Core Flexible Cables

Single Screw and Twin Screw Extruder Gear Boxes

Sleeve Markers


Snap Action Micro Switches

Snap Action Switches

Socket Fusion Welding Machine

Solar Cables

Solar Inverter Duty Transformer

Solderless Terminals

Special Gear Boxes

Specialty Cables

Spiral Wraps

Spring Steels

Square & Round Bars

Square Cap Capacitors

Stainless Steel Wires

Steam Solenoid Valves

Strain Gauges

Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Super Enameled Copper/Aluminium Wires and PVC Cables

Switch Mode Power Supply

Switches 15 & 23


TAG Pro Purge 1 Weld Purge Monitor

Telecommunication Cables

Temperature Controller Indicator

Temperature Controllers 38 & 48

Temperature Measuring Instruments & Allied Products

Temperature Scanners & Controllers

Temperature Sensors & Assemblies

Terminal Block Markers

Terminal Blocks

Terminal Markers

Terminal Strips

Test & Measurement Tools

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Multimeter

Thermocouple Assemblies & Thermowells

Thermocouple Cables

Thermocouple Compensating & Extension Cables

Thermocouples & RTD Connectors, High Quality

Threaded Rebar Coupler

Three Core Flat Submersible Cables

Thyristor Switch Module

Tia Mounts Plates

Tie Holders

Time Switch

Tool & Alloy-Special Steels

Tools – Collets

Topfuel Lube Oil Additive

Tower Lights

Tower Pincers

Transformer Core Coil Assembly

Transformer Oil Refining/Conditioning Plant

Transformer Oil Testing

Transformer Test Bench 14 & 36



Trip Indicator


TWISTER Ventilator

Two Gun Cold Road Marketing Machine


U Tube Bundle

ULTRAFOG Humidifier

Universal Bush Grommets

Universal Ferrules

Universal Type Markers


VACON NXP System Drive

Vacuum Contactor-Indoor Type

Vacuum Manometer

Voltage & Current Testers


Water Flow Meters/Sensors

Water Flow Sensors

Water Pressure Control Trainer

Water Softeners

Waterflow Meters/Sensors

Weather Proof Switches

Welding Cables

Wheel Torque Sensor

Wilo-Safe Water Solution

Winding Wires

Wire Rod

Wires & Cables


Worm and Worm Wheel