Product Index



Adiabetic Cooling Tower

Advanced Equipment/Technologies for Wastewater

Aerial Bunch Cable ABC up to 11 kV

Aerial Bunched Cables


Air Filtration Solutions

Air Flow Switch

Air Heaters

Air Velocity Kit

AIRE-O2 TRITON Process Aerator/Mixer

Alloy Steels

Aluminium Body Worm Gear Box

Aluminium Gear Boxes


Analog Timer

Automated Reference Method Sampler

Automatic CNC Vision Measuring Machine

Automatic Self Cleaning Filter

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Automatic Side Sealer

Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

Automation Products and Technology

Automobile Sensors


Ball Transfer Units



Belt Conveyors

Bevel Gear Boxes

Bevel Planetary Gear Boxes

Bolt Threading Machine

Bottle Type Cooling Tower

Box Wrapping Machine

Brisk CNC Polygon Turning Machine, Polygon 5A

Brute Force Screen

Built-in Cylinder Rotary & Stationary

By-Pass Rotameter


Cabinet Cooler

Cable Cutter

Cables & Wires

Cam Driven Systems

Cam Motion Components and Systems

Cam Operated Rotary Switches

Capacitance Type Level Transmitters

Castors & Wheels

Cement Feeding System

Centrifugal Filtration System

Chain Sprockets

Circumferential Seam Welding Machine

CNC Bar-Feed Lathe

CNC Engraving and Milling Machine

CNC Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Model ICG-100

CNC Machines

CNC Rotary Tables

CNC Wood Router

Coiled & Disc Springs

Cold Work Tool Steels

Complete End-to-End Solutions for the Compressed Air Industry

Complete Solution for Industrial Air Filtration

Compressed Air Dryers 31 & 33

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air System

Condition Monitoring

Conductivity Level Switches

Cone Crusher

Construction Electric Hoists (Modular)

Continuous Spirally Wound Crimped & ‘G’ Type Finned Tubes

Conveyor Belts

Coolant Recycling & Magnetic Separator

Coolant System

Cooling System

Coro Mill


Crane Duty Helical Gearbox for CT and LT 50


Custom Built Gear Boxes 4, 13 & 27

Customized Gears

Cycloidal Gear Boxes


Deep Hole Drilling

Defence & Aerospace Gears

Desiccant Air Dryer

Desiccant Dryer

Die Steels

Digital Fatigue Testing Machine, Model MFT-8-D

Digital Powder Packing Machine

Digital Preset Timer

Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital Pressure Switches

Digital Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Series RASNE-3

Double Column Bandsaw Machine Model LMG 200 H (Semi-Automatic)

Double Ended Centering & Plunge Facing Machine, Fully Automatic

Drive Components

Drive Solutions

Dry Cooling Tower

Dual Dry Cartridge Seal


Eccentric Compensating Chucks

Electric Chain Hoists

Electric Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromechanical Limit Switches

Electronic Safety Guards

Endless Belts

End-to-End Additive Solutions for Mass Production

Energy Efficient Motors

EOT Cranes 11 & 50

Exhibitions 8, 59, 60 & 61

External Gear Pump, SEG Series

Extruder Gear Box

Extruder Gearbox & Profile Ground Gear


Fasteners Hex Socket, Square Head and Hex Head Types

Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine, Gloria

Flame Proof Cranes

Flame Proof Switches

Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Flat Cable Cryogenic Probes

Flat Submersible Cables 3-Core

Flow Switches

Foot Mounted Inline Helical Geared Motors

Forging Components

FRP Position Switches

Fume Exhaust Blower


Gas Dryer

Gear Assemblies

Gear Boxes 4 & 37

Gear Design Software

Gear Drives

Gear Tooth Speed & Direction Sensor

Geared Motors 4, 27 & 37


General Purpose Grinding Wheels

General Purpose Limit Switches

Glass Tube/Acrylic Rotameters

Glue Labeling Machine

Goliath Cranes

Grab Buckets 11 & 51

Grabbing Cranes

Grind Connected Solar PV Systems


Hand Tools

Hanging Suspended Platform

Hard Jaws

Heat Exchanger

Heat Recovery Unit

Heating Coils

Heatless Air Dryers

Heavy Duty Bucket Elevator

Helical Bevel Geared Motor

Helical Crane Duty Gear Box

Helical Gear Boxes 27 & 45

Helical In Line Geared Motor

High Frequency Screen

High Performance Paste

High Precision Case Hardened and Profile Ground Gears

High Precision Gears


Hollow Shaft Helical Gear Boxes

Hook-up Wires

Hot Air Dryer

Hot Air Dryer Insulated

Hot Work Tool Steels

HOT-Rkon: Hot Runner Temperature Control System

Hour Meter

House Wiring Cables

HR Coils, Plates & Sheets

HT & LT Cables

HV Coil Winding Machine

Hydraulic Couplings

Hydraulic Oil Cleaning System

Hydraulic Presses & Power Packs

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine (Eco)

Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinders

Hydrocylinder Rotary Power Chucks

Hypoid Gear Boxes


Impact Hammer Crusher

Impact Sockets

Inbuilt Air / Hydro-cylinder Rotary Power Chuck

Industrial Fasteners

Industrial Fume Scrubber

Industrial Gear Boxes

Industrial Gearboxes & Industrial Gears

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Wet & Dry Model

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners & Dust Collection Equipment

Inline Helical Geared Motors

Inspection Tools


JATO Builtin Cylinder Collet Chucks

Jib Cranes


LAN Cables

LED Lighting & Signaling Solutions

Limit Switches c-ii, c-iv, 15 & 50

Line Tester

Linear Motion Solutions

Liquid Column Manometers

Liquid Level Controller

Liquid Level Indicators

Liquid Level Switches (Float Operated)

Liquid Level Transmitter

Low Backlash / Servo Planetary Gear Boxes

Lubrication Systems

Luggage Wrapping Machine


Machine Tools

Machinery for producing Composite Cans

Machinery for producing Cones

Machinery for producing Edge Protection and Pulp Moulded Products

Machinery for producing Fibre Drums

Machinery for producing Paper Tubes

Mag-Drive Sealless Pump

Maintenance Products

Manual Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Manual Stacker

Measuring Instruments 3 & 15

Mechanical Screw Jack

Metal 3D Printing

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine, Horizontal (Swing Arm Type)

Metal Cutting Fluids

Metal Forming Simulation Software

Metal Tube Rotameter with Transmitter / Flow Indicator Totalizer

Micro Switches

Microprocessor Based Tri Colour Digital Air Saver Electronic Readout Unit

Mill Drive Steam Turbine

Milling Cutter

Mini Enclosed Limit Switches

Mini Limit Switches

Miniature Switches

Mini-Pellet Press

Modular Industrial Gear Units

Monorail Crane System

Monorail Hoist

Motors – 1LA Series

Moulded Plugs

Multi Core Flexible Wires

Multi Crowned Gear Couplings


NC Joining Module NCFE

New Micro Switches

Non-Metallic Balls, Ceramic, Plastic & Glass Balls

Non-Reversible Hammer Crusher

Non-Sparking Tools

Nuts, Bolts, Screws and Washers

Nylon Sandwich Belts


Oil Mist Filter, Infinity

Oil Tight Limit Switches


Para-Aramid Knitted Gloves

Pedal Force Meter

Perlon Ropes

Phase Failure Relay

PID Temperature Controller

Pipe Chamfering Machine

Pipe Conveyors

Pipe Cutting Unit

Pit Mounted Scissor Lift

Planetary Gear Boxes

Planetary Gear Heads

Plastic Mould Steels

Plunge Shaving Machine

Pneumatic Collet Chuck

Pneumatic Printing Machines

Poly Flex Belts

Poly V Belts

Portable Submersible Pump

Positive Opening Switches

Power Chucks

Power Control Cables

Power Packs

Power Tools

Power Transmission Products

Preci Chucks

Precision Bearings

Precision Gear Solutions

Precision Rotary Surface Grinder with Vertical & Horizontal Spindle

Precision Switches

Pressure Relief & Reducing Valve

Pressure Switches

Process Instruments

Programmable Counter

Proximity Control Unit

PSG Planetary Ball Mill PBM 4

Pulley in all Pitch for Timing Belt

Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Push Button Limit Switches

PVC Insulated Industrial Wires & Cables


Quality Diamond Tools


Rack Supported Mezzanine Solutions


Reciprocating Surface Grinder with Horizontal Spindle and Auto Down Feed

Recondition Power Chucks

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Refrigeration Dryer

Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel

Resonance Screen

Rods & Preforms

Roots Blower

Roots Sweep RD 160, Rhino

Rotating Unions for Machine Tool Industry

Roughing Disc Cutter

Round Flange Filters


Safety Guards

Safety Switches

Sanmotion Servo Systems – AC Servo Motors

Sealing Solutions

Sensors 15 & 19

Servo Computerized Universal Testing Machine

Servo Hypoid Spur Gear Boxes

Sheet Metal Components


Single Screw and Twin Screw Extruder Gear Boxes

Single Toggle Jaw Crusher

Slab Lifting Tong

Smart Street Light Control STEM 01-SLC

SmartFAC Smart Industry 4.0 Tech for Closed Loop Operations of Machine Shops

Snap Action Micro Switches

Snap Action Switches

Socket Sets

Soft Jaws

Solar Cables

Solar On Grid Power Plants

Solenoid Operated Directional Valve, PS-DSG-01 Series

Solutions for Metal Removing

Special Gear Boxes

Special Vee Belt & Flat Belt Pulley

Spiral Beval Gears c-i & 10

Spiral Heat Exchanger

Spline Gauges Plug Type

Spring Balancer

Spring Steel Circlips & Washers

Spring Steels


Spur & Helical Profile Ground Gears

Square & Round Bars

Square Type Cooling Tower

Starter Motor Shafts

Steel Mill Duty & Flame Proof Cranes

Steel, Plastic and Gas Springs

Stretch Wrappers

Submersible Sewage Pump, Type-i-NS

Sumangal Single Spindle Automatic Lathe

Super Pack Desiccant Air Dryer

Super Precision Bearings

Suprathane Cast Polyurethane Wheels

Surface Finishing, Cleaning, Derusting, Polishing & Cleaning Machinery


Telecommunication Cables

Temperature Controller Indicator

Temperature Measuring Instruments & Allied Products

Testing Instruments

Three Core Flat Submersible Cables

Through Beam Sensors

Time Switch

Timing Belts

Timing Pulley

Tin Cutter

Toggle Clamps

Tool & Alloy-Special Steels

Tool Holders, Panther Series

Tool Trolley

Tools – Collets

Toothed Double Roll Crusher

Total Gear Solutions

Tower Lights

Transmission Gears

Trolley Mounted Top Discharge Centrifuge

Tube Fittings

Tube Notching Machine

Twin Spindle CNC Chucker


Ultrasonic Gauges

Uniforce Clamps, Wedge Type


Vacuum Manometer

Vacuum Packing Machines

Vertical Shaft Impactor

Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

Vibro Shaker

V-LINE Injection Molding Machine

VTL Chucks


Wall Mounted Refrigerated Air Dryers

Water & Waste Water Treatment Products

Water Treatment & Desalination Plants 14 & 55

Weather Proof Switches

Wedge Space Saver Belts

Welding Cables


Wind Energy Projects

Wind Solar Hybrid Power Plants

Wire Rod

Work Gloves

Work Holding Clamping System

Workholding Systems

Worm & Worm Wheel c-i,10 & 27

Worm & Worm Wheel Sets

Worm Gear Boxes


Zero Point Systems