Product Index



Accessories for CNC Tool Holders

Accurate Proportioner for Correct Mixing of Coolants and Lubricants

Acid/Chemical Storage and Process Tanks

Acrylic Body Manometers

Aerial Bunch Cable ABC up to 11 kV

Aerial Bunched Cables

After Cooler c-I & 21

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer


Air Cooler

Air Filters

Air Velocity Kit

Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers

Alarm Valve

Alloy Steels

Aluminium Extrusions

Analog Timer

Anti-Scale Protective Coatings


Auto Drain Valves

Automated Reference Method Sampler

Automatic Cone Making Machine

Automatic Food Snacks Packaging Machine


Balanced Multi Springs Slurry Seal

Ball Check Valve

Ball Valves  3, 45 & 54


Belt Conveyors

Belt Oil Skimmer

Bevel Gear Boxes

Bevel Planetary Gear Boxes

Bi-Component Fiber Filter Cartridges IX Series

Bi-Metallic Temperature Gauges

Biodegradable Cleaner


Blind Flange

Brackets & Guides

Brake Systems

Breather Valve

Bridgeman Gaskets

Brine Chiller

Brute Force Screen

Butterfly Valves  3, 41 & 54

Butterfly Valves Double Flanged

By-Pass Rotameter


Cable Cutter

Cable Tie

Cables & Wires

Calcium Nitrate

Calibration Pots

Capacitance Type Level Transmitters

Carbon Canister

Cartonator Pockets

Centralised Vacuum System

Centric Disc Butterfly Valve

Centrifugal End Suction Pump, H2O Series

Centrifugal Magnetic Pump

Centrifugal Process Pump in Investment Casting

Centrifugal Pump SS 316 (CF8M)

Centrifuge Bags

Centrifuges, Full Body Opening

Ceramics for Pump Industry

Check Weigher

Chemical Plant Machinery & Equipment

Chemical Pump, Type AEC-PML

Chemical Reactors

Chemical Sealed Gauges


Chilling Plant

CIP System

Clamping System for Valves Under Testing

Clamps for Photo Cells

Coiled & Disc Springs

Cold Work Tool Steels

Commercial Gauges

Compact High Capacity Ball Screw Driver Actuator Type KR

Compact Sealed Gauges

Comparison Tester

Complete Cleaning Solution

Compressed Air Treatment Solution

Conductivity Level Switches

Cone Crusher

Construction Electric Hoists (Modular)

Conveyors & Components

Cost effective Actuator Type VLA-CT

CPI Tank, Baffle & Plate Pack


Custom Build Gear Boxes c-ii & 11

Cycloidal Gear Boxes


Diaphragm Valve

Die Lubricants

Die Steels

Digital Preset Timer

Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital Pressure Switches

Direct Drive Pump

Dissolved Air Floatation Units

Dot Peen Pneumatic

Double Block & Bleed Valve (DBB)

Double Cone Blenders

Double Groove & Flange

Double Stage Rotary Piston High Vacuum Pump, EVO Series

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Duplex Bag Filter Housing

Dust Collection Bags


Economical Gauges

Effluent & Sewage Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

Electric Driven Pumps

Electric Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electronic Turbine Meter T24

EOT Cranes

Equipment for Insulation Fault Location During Operation

Exhaust Filters for Vacuum Pumps



Fabric Bellow


FBD Wooster Bag

FD/PA Blowers

Filter Press Media

Filtration Unit

Finned Tubes


Flame Proof Cranes


Float & Displacer Type Level Switches

Floating Ball Valve

Flow Indicator Totalizer

Flow Switches

Fluid Bed Dryer 18 & 34

Forging Components

FRP Sheets

Full Jacketed Ball Valve, Single Piece


Gas Mask Respirator

Gauge Saver

Geared Motors c-ii & 9

Gears, Gear Components & Gear Assemblies

Gland Packing

Glass Tube/Acrylic Rotameters

Goliath Cranes

Grab Buckets

Grabbing Cranes

Graphiteless Forging Die Lubricants

Green Chemical Distillation Plant

Gripper for Small Components


Hair Pin Heat Exchanger

HALAR Coating

Hand Tools

Havells Enviro Solar Street Light Solution

Heat Exchangers 21 & 49

Heatless Air Dryer

Heavy Duty Bucket Elevator

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Type Paver Block Making Machine, Model SPM-6

Helibevel Geared Motor

Helical Gear Boxes

Helical Inline Geared Motor

Heliworm Geared Motor

Hepa Filter

High Frequency Screen

High Precision Case Hardened and Profile Ground Gears

High Pressure Refrigerated Air Dyer

High Speed Belt Driven Actuator

High Working Temperature Burners


Hollow Shaft Helical Gear Boxes

Homogenizer Gauges

Hook-up Wires

Hopper Dryer

Hot Forging Die Lubricants

Hot Work Tool Steels

Hour Meter

House Wiring Cables

HSS Reamers

HT & LT Cables

Hydraulic & Instrumentation Tubes

Hydraulic Crimping Head, 100 Ton

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

Hygienic Safety Relief Valve

Hypoid Gear Boxes


Identification Marking Tie

Impact Hammer Crusher

Impact Sockets

Induced Gas Flotation

Industrial Ball Valve

Industrial Gauges

Industrial Valves 47 & 48

Instant Milk Chiller

Instrument Tee


Internal Geared Rings

Internal Heater Dryer


Jaw Couplings

Jib Cranes


Knife Edged Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valve


LAN Cables

Laser Marking Machine

Lead Screw Driven Actuator

Level Gauge

Level Transmitter

Line Tester

Lined Pipes and Fittings

Lined Valves Pipes & Fittings

Liquid Column Manometers

Liquid Filter Bags

Liquid Level Controller

Liquid Level Indicators

Liquid Level Switches (Float Operated)

Liquid Level Transmitter

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps 27 & 52

LM Guide Actuators & High Speed Linear Actuators

Long Nose Locking Pliers

Low Backlash/Servo Planetary Gear Boxes

Low Pressure Capsule Gauges


Machine for Composite Cans

Machine for Fibre Drums

Machine for Paper Cones

Machine for Paper Cores

Machine for Paper Edge Protectors

Machine for Paper Tubes

Machine for Pulp Moulded Products

Magnetic Couplings

Manual Valves

Marker Sleeves

Mass Mixer

Measuring Instruments

Membrane Bio-Reactor

Metal Tube Rotameter with Transmitter

Metallic Pumps

Micro Filter

Microdozer Machine

Miniature Compression and Tension Load Cell

Modular Supports

Monoblock Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Motorized Hydraulic Testing Pump

Moulded Plugs

Moulded PVDF Pump

Mud Gauges

Multi Core Flexible Wires

Multi Crowned Gear Couplings

Multi Head Filling Machine

Multi-Stage Dry Vacuum Pump, DP300

Multistage Pumps


Needle Valves

Non Return Valve

Non-Sparking Tools

Nylon Knitted Seamless Gloves  with PVC Dots


Oil Cooler

Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump

Oil Seals

Oil Water Separators Sewage


Paper Conversion Machinery

Paper Tube Production Line

Parallel Shaft Geared Motor

Peristaltic Pump

PFA/FEP Lined Ball Check Valve

PFA/FEP/PTFE Lined & Plastic Valves

Phase Failure Relay

PID Temperature Controller

Pilot Plant Systems

Pipe Conveyors

Pipe Floculator

Planetary Geared Motor

Planetary Gear Boxes

Planetary Gear Heads

Planetary Mixer

Plastic Mould Steels

Plate Settler

Plug Valve

Pneumatic Coil Nailer

Polypropylene Pipes & Fittings

Power Control Cables

PP Ball Valves

PP Horizontal Pumps

PPH & PVDF Ball Valves

Precision Gear Solutions

Pressure / Reaction Vessels

Pressure Gauges 4 & 25

Pressure Gauges & Testing Instruments

Pressure Leaf Filter, Horizontal

Pressure Switches

Pressure Vessels

Process Instruments

Proximity Control Unit

PTFE Bellows

PTFE/Teflon Lines Valves & Piping System

Pulp & Paper Stock Pumps

Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Pumps for Food & Pharmaceutical Industry

PV Molded Cartridge

PVC Insulated Industrial Wires & Cables

PVC Sleeves

PVDF Centrifugal Process Pumps



RadiconPowerbuild Solution for Pug Mill

Reducing Flange

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Removable Tube Bundle

Resonance Screen

Reverse Osmosis Plants

Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Riello Gas, Oil & Dual Fuel Burners

Rigid Coupling

Roots Pump with Condenser

Roots Pumping System


Rotary Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine, Automatic 16 Head

Rotary Drying Systems

Rotary Gear Pump

Rotary Gear Pump, FTMB

Rotary Gear Pump, Type HGN

Rotary Gear Pump, Type HGSX

Rotary Jacketed Pump

Rotary Main Oil Pump

Rotary Monoblock Pump

Rotary Tracodial Pump

Rotary Triple Twin Gear Pump

Rotary Twin Gear Pump

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, Single Stage

RTD Thermowell


Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps

Sealless Magnetic Drive Chemical Pumps 39 & 46

Servo Hypoid Spur Gear Boxes

Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Shaping Machine

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Short Wave Industrial Heaters

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shutoff & Divert Valves

Single Fluid Heating Cooling Units

Single Screw and Twin Screw Extruder Gear Boxes

Single Toggle Jaw Crusher

Sluice Gate

Socket Sets

Solar Cables

Solar Generator

Solar Micro Pumping System

Sparkler Filter Pads

Special Gear Boxes

Spherical Dryers

Spool Pipe

Spring Steels

Square & Round Bars

SS Ball Valve

Stainless Steel Gauges

Stainless Steel Round Pipes & Tubes

Stainless Steel Section Tubes

Standard Hydraulic Cylinders

Steel Mill Duty & Flame Proof Cranes

Submersible Dewatering Pump, DC Series

Swing Check Valve



T Strainers – Fabricated

Telecommunication Cables

Temperature Controller Indicator

Temperature Gauges

Temperature Measuring Instruments & Allied Products

Tequatic Self Cleaning Filter

Terminal Hepa Filter Box

Testing Equipments& Accessories

Thermoplastic Manual Valves

Thermoplastic Valves & Piping Systems

Thermoplastic Valves

Three Core Flat Submersible Cables 6 & 58

Time Switch

Tin Cutter

Tool & Alloy-Special Steels

Tool Room Grinding Wheels

Tool Trolley

Tools – Collets

Triclover Sealed Gauges

Triple Twin Gear Pump


Twin Gear Pump

Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer


U Tube Bundle

UASB Anaerobic Reactor

Uncooled Thermal Oil Pumps


V Notch Segmented Ball Valve

Vacuum Manometer

Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Pump, Diaphragm Type

Vacuum Pumps Chemical Series

Vacuum Solutions

Vacuum Tray Dryer

Valve and Pipe Covers

Valveless Piston Pumps


Valves, 2-Way and 3-Way

Valves, Pipes Fittings & Piping System

Vertical Shaft Impactor

Vessel & Pumps

Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

VOC Abatement Package


Waste Water Treatment Plant

Water Chiller – Online

Water Chiller

Water Softener Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Wedge Plug Valve/Double Block & Bleed Valve (Lift Plug Valve)

Welding Cables

Wet Scrubber


Wire Rod

Worm and Worm Wheel

Woven and Non-Woven Filter Bags